Inbound marketing

Marketers don't decide what prospects see and read, prospects do. People want what they want, and marketers need to give it to them. And therefore Outbound is quickly giving way to Inbound Marketing. Although still in a nascent stage, it is predominantly on the digital front, and the internet has enabled it to flourish.

Inbound marketing is quite possibly the best way to market today. It has seen a significant increase in acceptance. Many major and minor brands too participate in inbound marketing today. Many of the tools that we use today are especially designed for inbound marketing. The stage is set for the inbound marketers to take centre stage.

Chances are you too are the recipient of some form of inbound marketing today, if you use the internet. The best part about inbound is that it takes a lot more skill and guts to venture into it. Hardcore business developers and marketers are sceptical about inbound because it is a brave new way of marketing. It isn't push but pull. That takes a significant amount of courage to do and ample dollops of creativity and strategy. It takes times and effort.

Inbound marketing leads are of much higher quality than outbound. Outbound has its own benefits when it comes to branding and positioning and we do not berate it whatsoever. But you can push only so far. The customer is in control today and that percolates down to the decision making process at the marketing department. This is why inbound marketing has seen tremendous favour the past few years.